Northeast Top 215

July 10-12, 2017
2018-2021 Grad Years



Northeast Top 215 Player Registration Now Available!

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Pay Balance Due (if any owed)

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Event Insurance

No refunds are offered after registration. However, families can purchase an Insurance Protection, which offers a full refund (not including your payment for Insurance) before June 9, 2017, for injuries and illnesses with a doctor’s note and college commitments with proof from the College Coach. 

Insurance Policy: $65 per player 

For those interested in purchasing The NT215 Showcase Insurance Protection, we offer the option to do so when you register for the event.

Registration Options

To take some of the stress off of summer travel for players & families, we will be offering additional transportation and accommodation options for players. Keep reading for an overview of the registration opentions you have for NT215 2017!

Options & Price Points

  1. WITH insurance & Accommodations ($770 total)
  2. WITH insurance & Roundtrip Airport Transfer ($785 total)
  3. WITH insurance & Transport from Logan to NT215 ($725 total)
  4. WITH insurance & Transport from NT215 to Logan/Exit 10a ($725 total)
  5. WITH insurance, Accommodations & Transport from NT215 to Logan/Exit 10a ($835 total)
  6. NO insurance, with Accommodations ($705 total)
  7. NO insurance, with Roundtrip Airport Transfer ($785 total)
  8. NO insurance, with Transport from Logan to NT215 ($660 total)
  9. NO insurance, with Transport from NT215 to Logan/Exit 10a  ($660 total)
  10. NO insurance, with Accommodations & Transport from NT215 to Logan/Exit 10a ($770)

More information: 

From Logan to NT215

additional $65.00

For players flying in for the event, we will have a bus leaving the airport at 11am the morning of the event (July 10th). If players can catch an early flight and be ready at 11am then they are all set!

From NT215 to Logan

additional $65.00

On the last day of the event (July 12th) we will have a bus to bring everyone back to the airport. The bus will leave campus at 11am and arrive at Logan by 3pm. We advise players to plan accordingly and make sure they have enough time between their arrival to the airport and flight departure. The bus back to the airport will also be making a stop at the Exit 10a Park & Ride on the Mass Pike.

From The RISE to NT215

additional $110.00

On the last day of The RISE (July 9th), we will be providing the option for players to stay on campus the night between events with the REV staff and other players who will participate in both The RISE and The NT215. If interested in this option, please choose the 'WITH Accommodations' option.

NT215 Website

For all event info, head to!